Snake Bit

Namn: Peter Arvidsson
Land: Sverige

Typ: Vintage Outlaw - Frontmotordragster
Fabrikat: Byggd av Woody Gilmore, kompressormatad Hemi Top Fueler
Namn på fordonet: Snake Bit
Tillverkningsår (ursprungligt): 1967
Motor: Kommer senare

Transmission: Powerglide
Framaxel: Stel
Bakaxel: Kommer senare
Bromsar: Skivbromsar bak Willwood
Fälgar & däck: Kommer senare

Lack: Ursprunglig lack nu

Säkerhetsklassning (SBF och NM):

Bästa ET 201 m:
Bästa ET 402 m: 7,03
Bästa ET 60 fot: 1,0

Historia om fordonet

Not confirmed, but built by Woody Gilmore. Owned by guy from Florida.
Original Top Fueler, blown Hemi.
Also believed to be driven around northeast with stackinjected Hemi in the early 70`s.

Sold to Canada. Owned by someone with the name Murray.
It was stored in a hangar on the Airport of Dorval for several years.
It then had a shorter wheelbase, and a chutepack body.

Late 1970`s -
Sold to Ross Arthur. Car was rebuilt - longer wheelbase and a shorty body was installed.

Owned and raced by Richard Blais. Car was red and called the Rooster.
Ran several times at the famous Canadian racetrack Sanair.

1983 -
Owned by Rock Tellier and driven by Joe Roy (Joe was inducted to Canadian Drag racin hall-of-fame in 2015)

1980`s - Canada

Owner: Dan Gavender (no history)

Owner: Charles Gariepy
Rebuilt the cage to accomadate new rules. Chassis was painted red.

Car was sold back to USA, Rhode Island, to Bob Medeiros who raced the car in this period.

New owner, Mike Patterson. Used as a bracket car. Carbed sbc.

New owner, Adam Pyle, stripped down chassis, repainted and upgraded a lot.
Ran with blown SBC and a bit of Nitro, around 930hp. Best time 7.03 @ 1/4mile.

2014- 2016
sold to Norway Owner Marius Andersson

Sold to Sweden Lars Andersson City Berghem

Sold to Peter Arvidsson Jönköping



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